1. Will the show be cancelled due to COVID-19?

Party like Gatsby is closely monitoring local and global restrictions and guidelines to ensure that all safety measures are in place. Should any changes occur to the show you are attending, you will be informed by email as well as updates on our website and social media channels.

2. Is the show COVID-19 safe?

The safety of our guests, performers and crew is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore we are constantly consulting with our local partners and WHO’s official guidelines to ensure that every single show is safe for everyone involved.

3. What happens if the show I am attending is cancelled due to COVID-19?

If your show is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will be informed immediately. Your options for rescheduling and/or refunds will be communicated via email and updates on our website and social media channels.

4. What is “Party like Gatsby”?

Party like Gatsby is an immersive experience combining a roaring 1920s party with a marvelous stage show! Join a champagne soaked night as you submerge yourselves into the magic of 1922. Inspired by the world-famous novel, and the movie adaptation, “The Great Gatsby”, we bring the 1920s back to life and invite you into J. Gatsby’s inner circle. J. Gatsby’s entourage of circus performers, dancers, burlesque performers and live musicians are ready to entertain you on stage - and as you mingle in the crowd, you may also meet some of his friends up-close…

5. What is the dress code?

A 1920s dress code is required for entry. Please note that no jeans, sportswear or t-shirts are allowed. You can find inspiration on Jay Gatsby's Facebook and Instagram page.

6. Do you have a cloakroom?

Unless otherwise is communicated, cloakroom facilities are available. Please note that our safety regulations do not allow for storage of larger bags and luggage.

7. Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age varies depending on the alcohol consumption laws of the respective country and venue. Please check the event page for more information on the event you are attending.

8. How do I get my tickets?

Tickets can be purchased exclusively via www.partylikegatsby.eu or websites linked hereon. After purchase, you are sent your ticket(s) via email. If you do not receive your tickets within 30 minutes after purchase, please check your spam folder or contact our customer support: support@partylikegatsby.eu

9. How long is the show?

The show starts from the moment doors open, with performers interacting with you and your entourage. The stage show is approximately 3,5 hours long, and will typically start 1 hours after doors open. After the stage show, our resident DJ will ensure that the party continues until sunrise!

10. When should I arrive?

To ensure the full experience, we strongly encourage all guests to arrive when doors open.

11. When do doors close for entry?

To ensure you don’t miss large parts of the show, we strongly encourage you to arrive no later than 1,5 hours after doors open. The show starts with performers mingling within the crowd, as soon as doors open.

12. What kind of event is this?

Party like Gatsby is a 1920s themed party combined with an immersive show, happening both on stage and within the audience.

13. What kind of music do you play?

We like everyone to be able to sing along, while staying in the spirit of the 1920s. Therefore, our live bands play modern hits with a 1920s twist, while our resident DJs plays electro swing and classics from bands like Swing Republic and Postmodern Jukebox.

14. Is the event seated?

The event is general admission - but most of our venues will have some seating available.  Contact our support for more information on the show you are attending: support@partylikegatsby.eu

15. Is the show always the same?

No, each year Party like Gatsby changes it’s sub-theme and show, while still existing within the 1920s. That’s how we ensure you a unique experience, no matter how many times you return to the Gatsby residence.

Previous tours include; Mad Mansion, Spectacle Extraordinaire and Cabaret Noir.

16. Can I visit Party like Gatsby more than once?

Absolutely, old sport! Every single show is a unique experience, with small changes in every aspect, from the show and the performers to each unique venue. Furthermore, we change our show and theme on every single tour, to ensure you always get a champagne soaked, immersive experience.

17. Is Party like Gatsby suitable for guests with disabilities?

We are more than happy to help out in any way we can, within the restraints of the venues we perform in. Contact our customer support for more information on the event you are attending: support@partylikegatsby.eu

18. I am celebrating something, can you help me make my night extra special?

We are always happy to help ensure your night is extra magical, no matter what you are celebrating! Please reach out to our team, and we’ll try and accommodate your special requests: support@partylikegatsby.eu

19. Can I hire Party like Gatsby for my private or corporate event?

Why of course, old sport! Organizing parties is what we do! Reach out to us for more information: support@partylikegatsby.eu

20. Do you organize other events?

Yes, The Gatz Trading Company organizes a wide range of public and private events. Reach out to our team if you want our help with your next event: support@partylikegatsby.eu

21. Who produces Party like Gatsby?

Party like Gatsby is produced by The Gatz Trading Company Ltd.

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